1) Dil me chupa hai kuch dard,
ankho me hai aansu,
kismat me to kuch aur likha hai,
magar iss dhadkan me sirf tum...only u....
i cant live with out u....miss u

2) Janu,
I Can't Express What I Feel.
I Don't Know What Is Happening To Me.
Evey Moment & Every Time I Am Think About You Only.
Whenever I Am Raising My Hand Infront Of GOD, Everytime I Pray For You.
Can't Live Without You Janu. Tell Me & Show Me The Way,
What I Will Do To Get You In My Life.
Whatever The Thing I Am Ready To Do For You. Plz Help Me Sonu......My Love

3) I always think about U.
I cant live without U. I really need U.
I am totally mad about U. I just wanna be with U.
I am crazy 4 U. I wanna marry U. I LOVE U.. –
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4)  It’s wrong to say I can’t live without you
because I’ve already lived before I met you,
but instead I’ll say Life will be better
if you’re just here with me

5)  I Can’t Live Without You,
  I Can’t Even Die Without You,

You Are My Dream, My Desire, My Passion
You Are The One Whom I Love More Than

Anything, More Than Anyone,You Are My
Life, My Love, My Worldi Can’t Even Think

About Life Without You,You Are My Inspiration,
My Power, My Weaknessi Feel Your Presence All

The Time,You Are My Ecstasy, My Spirit, My Soul
I Can’t Face The Hardships Of Life Without You,
You Are My Strength, My Confidence, My Triumph…